Principal's Message
The goal of Winslow Township High School is to prepare all students to excel in this rapidly, ever-changing world. We at Winslow Township High School are committed to this goal and work tirelessly to provide a superior educational experience. This goal is accomplished through the utilization of cutting edge technology, expansive curriculum, specialized programs, cooperative learning and differentiated instruction.

Our entire staff is sensitive to the needs of students as individuals. We take pride in designing interesting, challenging and engaging experiences that allow our students time for self-discovery, while continuing their exploration of the world at large. High standards and expectations, will guide students toward the expected outcome of academic success and the ability to thrive in the 21st century.

We will continue to focus efforts on providing a safe and empowering environment for learning. We will emphasize the importance of character development and constructive decision-making.

We believe in a strong and ongoing partnership with parents and guardians for our students’ academic successes as well as social and emotional development. We believe achievement is directly related to parental involvement and in creating a cohesive support system.

Winslow Township High School continues to strive for excellence. The common goal of administration and staff is to provide students with superior educational opportunities that will enable our students to excel in college, post-secondary school, careers and ultimately, life.

Proud to be an Eagle,

Kurt Marella