Official Releases
Any former student who wishes to have his/her transcript:
  1. Request MUST be received in writing
  2. He/She may fax their request to (856) 767-5670
  3. Emailed requests may go to or
  4. or mail request to
    • 10 Coopers Folly Rd., Atco, NJ 08004
    • Attn: Guidance & Counseling Office.
  5. Request MUST have the student’s name (as it was while they attended school), Date of Birth, Year of Graduation, Official request w/ signature, and the full name & address of where he/she wishes to have us send their transcript.
  6. “Official” transcripts will only be sent to another educational facility, state agency, or place of employment
  7. If the address listed is a residential address, we will send an “Unofficial” transcript.
  8. There is a 7-10 business day turnaround time from the date we received the request

                                        Former student request form