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Summer School Credit Recovery Information

Winslow Township High School will be accepting credit recovery for summer school through the online program Educere. An active link for Educere has been placed on our schools web page under “News and Announcements”. This site identifies course offerings and the costs that apply. Student registration will be completed through Educere using our web page link. Courses will begin approximately 7days after registration and payment to Educere. Please note that when registering for Physical Education you must also register for the corresponding Health course.

Students may also attended other high schools for summer school credit recovery. Winslow Township High School does not have information available regarding other high school summer credit recovery programs.

All current summer school requirements apply for each method used for credit recovery. These requirements state that credit recovery may be earned in the summer for a maximum of two (2) courses and that failing final grades for the year must fall between 50-64 percent. In addition, recovery courses require 12 hours per credit (5 credits = 60 hours). Please see the Winslow Township High School Program of Studies for summer school information in its entirety.

A written approval form for summer school credit recovery has been included with this letter which must be completed and signed off by a counselor or administrator prior to registering and starting any recovery course. All courses must be completed by August 14th and transcripts returned to our Guidance Office by August 16th to receive credit. Please contact the Winslow Township High School Guidance Office at 856-767-1850 x8100 for questions regarding summer school credit recovery.

Please refer to the links below for Educere courses and summer school credit recovery approval forms.